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Welcome to the Handicraft House of Hiiumaa Handicraft Masters!

Handicraft Association of Hiiumaa was established in 1998. Our aim is to promote craftwork, continue its traditions and create hand-made products as a type of art.

By summer 2019, we have already 111 members all over Hiiumaa. In January 2012, Handicraft Association of Hiiumaa received the building for long-term rental at Vabrikuvälja 2 in Kärdla, which now is our Handicraft House of Hiiumaa Handicraft Masters. The old building used to be a home for Kärdla Broadcloth Factory masters and as you may see, there are even three buildings in a row. Additionally, Long House which used to be a home for the factory manager, is located at the end of the square. Today, the building belongs to the Museum of Hiiumaa and there, you may learn about both, the former factory and life in Hiiumaa.

As we took the house for rental, we also took the responsibility to renovate the building and therefore, we have eagerly been writing projects and organizing community activities with our team members. During the community activities, the members of our association have been doing yearly demolition work and cleaning up the yard that initially used to be rather mismanaged. We have planned rooms for various activities and trainings, members of our association can sell their products here, craftsmen can rent rooms, and there are office spaces and storage rooms for our association.

In summertime, the house has been used as a handicraft shop and exhibiton hall. The popularity of the shop and the building itself have been growing year by year. In 2017, we received our first financial contribution to renovate the building and the exterior of the house got a new look. The members of the association are voluntarily contributing to demolition works. In 2018, we received an affirmative response for the Leader Project and in 2019, we are hoping to take care of water and sanitation, electricity, ventilation ja geothermal energy related works. We also got a positive response from National Heritage Board of Estonia to finance the renovation of the roof, and the study of interior design and wallpapers. Today, the building has a new roof and as a result of the interior design study, we can now say that there has been more different wallpapers in our building than in many other estates in Estonia.

Step inside, take a look around our building, come and see the exhibitions, and it may happen that your soul may connect with some of our hand-made products and you start to feel the irresistible desire to buy and keep one of them. The joy is mutual, you will get a wonderful memory of Hiiumaa and our masters get the pure joy as their crafts have made a soul connection with someone.